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Hotel Bechlwirt is for over 100 years in the possession of the family Mauracher-Daxer. Franz Mauracher took over the company in 1989 and made a successful shift in the modern time, and now it is the turn of his son Franz Jr. to continue the family's legacy.


Our house belongs to the traditional hotels of the area. Except our guests you will daily find many locals at our main table in our cozy restaurant.

"What we can promise to you, is a strong welcome and a friendly and hearty hospitality"


Best regards,

Fam. Franz & Josi Mauracher



Our main building dates back to the 14th century and has survived many wars and catastrophes as one of the oldest buildings in the region. After the 2nd large fire in 1966 the new part of the building was completed in 1976. Since then, it has been constantly expanded and modernized. In the last major renovation in 2016, the facade changed to white color, we renovated many bathrooms of the old part of the building as well as our dining room.

bechlwirt 1956


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